Saturday, June 11, 2005

First one

Right well, here we are. I'm not quite sure why I'm doing this but it will probably be an exercise that justifies itself before long. At the moment, I await the pleasure of a jury who are pondering the fate of one Michael Jackson. In my 24 years as a journalist and reporter, I have never worked a story of such inconsequence. But there you go. Life meet art, art, life, now you two get to know each real well. You're in California now.
I am grateful to be here. The light is splendid, Levantine perhaps or some other geographical simile that I can't summon up right now. It cascades on a wonderful hillscape and illuminates the California experience perfectly. I enjoy the sights and sounds and the company of my colleagues. We just found a fascinating remaindered book store and I've purchased novels by Don DiLillo, Ron Hansen and Jim Crace. Last week, I bought books on poker, knot-tying and yoga. And there is a fantasic gym and spa here where I work off that wine and the fabulous dinners we've been having.
As for Michael Jackson, who cares? More as the case grinds on and my yoga practise improves.


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