Monday, November 10, 2008

Good bandwagons

Yeah. This is a good one.

And you know what? We need to be aboard to make sure it steers well and to our advantages, our joint advantages. Bring him on, and more importantly, bring on the agenda that counts. Broad agreement folks, no whining about center-this or centrist-that. Go for good outcomes, however long it takes and let's brace ourselves for a world that maybe peoples' descendants don't have to pay and suffer for, forever. A planet without civilians being constantly bombed as a sick video game becomes a substitute for statesmanship. A globe of striving to resolve conflict and challenge, not exacerbate them. A joint commons that is enhanced not plundered. Not that one fellow - however exceptional - should have that weight on those admittedly broad shoulders. But if it doesn't even begin to work this time, then I'm joining the Maoists. Okay? You listening DC?


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