Saturday, June 25, 2005

Daze in the haze

All things must pass. Of course this is the case. It's something we all need to say over and over again. I ponder this in empty moments and know that even the best is fleeting, impermanent. So the worst must be too. Small comfort to those in dire straits for whatever reason but true nonetheless.
It's a post apocalyptic sky over Canada's largest city. A smog-tinged, climate changing haze of poison and cloud. Tempting, it is, to consider this our work, payback for SUVs and cheap air travel. But i wonder. The notion of fractals comes to mind. The pattern of the smallest is the key to under the largest picture. In river systems or the ever-bifurcating veins on a leaf. The 1 book "Ubiquity" has been inspirational in this type of thinking. Writer Mark Buchanan is looking at how predictable the catatrophic collapse of complext systems can be, but he ventures beyond physics into philosophy and what Buddhists might regard as contemplative science, the power of the human mind. anyway, that sky is provocative.
Live 8 is coming up. Africa needs much. It may not need rock musicians scolding governments and urging more aid and fairer trade. But then again, maybe it does. I wonder why we all just can't have an iota more of compassion and intelligence about these things. Why everything has to be stupid. Difficult to not to believe in the conspiracy of the illuminati at times like this. Oh please.


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