Monday, July 24, 2006

ebbs, flows

There's a tide in the affairs of us all. it may be that tipping moment, that point of points. Or perhaps it is illusory, a matter of perception only. But it comes up, down, upon, into, whatever. There's no denying it, even when it's not obvious at all. The weight of fate, inertia momentus, irresistible strikes immovable, call it what you will. That has arrived for me. Not that I think there are moments in common all around here. Not at all. But looking back and thinking forward, perhaps wisdom does exist. If only as an informative force. Here abide wise monsters. Take the high road out of low circumstance. I don't know really but tides answer a call beyond nature. Is space nature? Is the moon part of "our environment"? What about gamma rays and black holes and the solar wind? Digression alert. but something is ebbing, something is flowing, waxing and waning. I feel an urge to swim.


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