Tuesday, February 21, 2006

so it goes

We eat. We procreate. We procrastinate We die. Er, that's it. Is that it? Yes. It is. But it seems self evident that a little more awareness of that could be hugely beneficial around this troubled planet. Not that we need to exclude our gods and our spirits. Oh no. In the words of the US President, bring 'em on. They will come anyway, cascading into us and making us unhappy, as is their want. But the knowledge that eating, fucking and dying are central might just help us cope with their divine arrogance. We created you. We set you up. We gave you free will. We still have power. Okay then, sort out something useful please. If not, then shut up and find a cure for HIV/AIDS or feed hungry children or whatever. Just get a life. Mortality is everything. Even the revelation that we have -- within us -- the divine doesn't afffect that basic truth. We start out as squiggly yucky bits in someone's nether regions and we end up as worm food, maggot granola. Yes there's more there. And yes, the gods enhance a few things, okay, okay, more than a few things. But for the sake of those gods people, and for your own sake, can we lose the hubris. Can we? Can we huh? Please? We might as well.....


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