Monday, March 30, 2009

The truth about money

This is not from the left. Nor the paranoid right. But it is the truth.  Money has taken over everything. And its current bout of flu is infecting us all. The correctives applied in Washington, London, Ottawa and elsewhere are aimed at propping up money. They are not meant to make things right. To correct the vast imbalances of the past decades will take more than public funds pumped into private coffers. In fact that's entirely the wrong way to go about it. The coming shakedown will affect the changes but our governments and money managers will be behind the curve. We don't matter all that much. Read this and see what I mean. But don't stop there. Read more and blog, share, post and think. It's got to come from us, our ilk, the mobs and masses and wise crowds who know, truly know, that everything being done now to stave off an already arrived disaster is wrong. Disastrous in itself because it bankrupts the future. Stop. Enough. 


Blogger Virginia M Moncrieff said...

Thanks for raising the debate and the questions. I am now a Lakwords follower!

9:42 PM  

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