Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh Canada in the World.

New Year, new life, new job, news, no gnus...whatever. This is the year that is and I pleased to be in a cooler clime and in vision once again. My homeland as foreign land. Whatever could be better? Viz.... this take on racism alongside the Atlantic. Or this forever narrative of First Nations suffering while at best the rest ignore, if not enable. How about how we always blame Americans for everything? Even humming. Thanks Al Jazeera English.


Blogger Freedom Slopes said...

Wasn't sure how to contact you, but felt I must. The recent AJ piece on immigration lacked loads of information about immigration policy change in Canada.
"Canada is no longer the open and welcoming haven it once was to the world" - you say. What?!?

You did not address any of the changes made by the Conservative government. You had the opportunity to present facts and show how neoliberal policies have shaped policy change to bring in an increasingly short-sighted economic focus. With little specific information given about policy changes (only a mention of clearing the backlog and a brief mention of reduced refugee intakes and family sponsorship, no interview with any government official or person in favor of the changes. No interview with an academic that studies immigration or anyone in the policy arena. I don't think your commentary at the end was warranted and demonstrated opinion not befitting a journalist. You conveniently ignored the fact that immigration to Canada has increased for 7 straight years in a row and Canada has massively increased temporary migration. While I may agree with your point of view on this issue I think you could have presented it in a much more informative way providing greater context and less inherent bias.

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