Monday, July 04, 2005

Live Ate

So it's over. A summer's sanctimoniousness (?) expended in a day. Oversimplification met a hidden agenda and hijacked the ship of state. David Aaronovitch of the Times of London adds a soberting observation. (,,7-1679446,00.html )
"Two sets of people will have hated all this. Your real revolutionaries, with their zeal, pleasurable anger and contempt for ordinary folk, and your cynics, who habitually hide behind complexity to excuse their inactivity and lack of compassion." I had fun. I admit it. I doubt that it worked. But it was fun. Worth a try. Africa needs a little more than a good day out. It needs reparations for slavery, colonialism, unfair trade. It needs respect. It needs an end to arms sales. Etc. But we're all just rockin' in the free world anyway, aren't we Neil?