Wednesday, May 03, 2006

how it really is

whoever said "love conquers all" was lying. or talking about a different sort of love, the kind we need more of. love for each other and our works, respect, compassion and taking joy in simple things. soon the person to person possession dynamic will wither and we'll find our spark in doing good for as many possible. what's going on now seems part of the neverending individuation game that leaves us prey for the worst forces and instincts. buy a car. shop online. live in the bush with your own kind. stay off my land. it's all fear and loathing out there. but it's not. it's not. can't you see that that this pavlovian slobbering is making some people rich and most of us bereft? let's catch outselves now. slow down. reject almost anything that's servied as a nostrum by our political, media and corporate dog trainers and at least start talking about it.