Friday, August 12, 2005


Myth. It's all about myth. We think we're advanced. We think we stand at the cusp of the kind of society envisaged by the most hopeful science fiction. A few medicines, a few technologies, and the future is us. Our lives are long, happy and healthy. We endure and prosper and help each other out. A vital private sector provides for most of our needs and we communicate constantly at the speed of thought with everyone else. Oh yes. The world is flat. But no, the world is old, repetitive and creaking under the strain of bearing of us. Geology will reassert itself, along with evolution and atmospheric science. A solar flare, a melting Siberian peat bog, a crystal of protien deep within the brain of an edible snake. It's that simple. If a deity talks to you, don't listen. We're going the way of our allged lizard ancestors and it's happening more quickly than you think. No, a god didn't tell me this. I figured it out for myself. With a little help from Warren Zevon.