Thursday, June 29, 2006

impermanence and change

Nothing is permanent but change. And change is intangible. Is intangibility permanent? Probably not. It's intangible. Where does that leave anything? Well, I'm not sure. Sages differ on this one. Does it really matter anyway? What does matter mean? Is matter permanent? Of course it isn't. It's compact energy and energy is just warped space. Okay, all this is inadequate, the words, the thoughts. But it's all I have, the only way of working through any of this. Words and thoughts. Self originated and from outside me, both cascade into visionary reality and twist what's there into something tangible yet illusory. Is there anything else? A sense of the real...
In short, I define the possibilities and they are as they are. Nothing is permanent, not life, not loss, not joy, not triumph, notthing. that includes this moment which is changing as I breath.

Monday, June 05, 2006


done. finished. over. it's all. there's a certain time when this is clear. and this is it. all things must pass and it has. but why oh why does pain remain?