Friday, October 27, 2006


Ease into present tense amid past horror and deep uncertainty. Let it be. Yet we live in the media's endless present already. Breaking news. Live. Exclusive. You heard it hear first. The past on your platter, served by us and us only. How then to be there, just be there as teachers teach. Don't know yet, not me. Any suggestions? Any conspiracy theories. Any timelines?

Thursday, October 12, 2006


It drags, this. Not in general but specifically at the moment. It's a world thing. Ruts abound and our tendency is to steer for them. Habitual behaviors. We play up confrontation and emphasize drama, even where they don't really exist. Most of the time these are tools to ramp up the ante, or the sense of it, not substance in and of themselves. But in our lives, when tensions arise, that's how we react. Will she? Won't they? Does something matter or not? I guess anyway. On the way to the border(see below), I read poetry and sip whiskey. Bring 'em on.