Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cold Gold

Welcome to this world, temporarily mine. It's Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. This image is from some weeks ago and much has changed. The dominant beast of winter has emerged triumphant which is no bad thing. That river below is a white wilderness of twisted ice floes and the town and hills gleam white in rare bouts of sunshine. The days get shorter and darkness is our external state most of the time. But only on the outside. Within, this is a welcoming, lively, fascinating, occasionally provocative place. It seethes with art and ideas. Men and some women still scoop gold from ancient creek beds in those folded hills behind me. Indigenous communities develop their lives and culture in relative harmony with incomers, like me. Yes, it's cold, very cold, and getting colder. The cold is almost alive, a presence to be considered, respected. Warmth is more valuable than gold and friendship better than diamonds. We are lucky people.